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A Crohn’s Diet

A Crohn’s Diet.
If you are a Crohn’s sufferer, finding a proper Crohns diet plan. can be a serious concern. Eating plans take on a critical factor in preserving your all round well being. Crohn’s disease eating plans can be valuable for alleviating the inflammatory symptoms. Considering that most Crohn’s diet programs can lead to loss of appetite and inadequate assimilation of vitamins and minerals , it is extremely important to sustain a nourishing healthful diet.

Your Crohn’s diet eating plan ought to incorporate sufficient amount of necessary protein, calorie consumption and other necessary nutrients to preserve health. It seemed that before now one of the main issues for a Crohn’s sufferer was figuring out what to eat when setting up a Crohn’s diet eating plan. It can be disheartening to know that several of your favorite food items are making you really feel awful, and that even though eating is one thing you have to do, there are several food items you are likely to have to learn to live without having in your day-to-day eating plan. ( or maybe not? ) Keep reading.

If you are researching for a Crohns diet, with most of those you may possibly be dismayed when you discover all of the food items that can make your symptoms even worse, and you might believe it’s going to be extremely hard to do away with them all.
( or maybe not? ) Keep reading.

Food Combining

Food combining is eating certain foods in a particular order and at certain times. The Crohn’s diet really is simplified- when consuming prepared meals, concepts of food combining are necessary to follow along with to minimize food digestion challenges. It is only part of the solution, as various foods have various periods for stomach digestion. It is now a part of our everyday living, except we now have oatmeal for breakfast with skimmed milk. Food combining is a delusion to people who don’t have complications with food combination’s. Food combining is actually a key to bringing about an alkaline interior ‘terrain’. It is critical in the renewal of overall health.

The Crohn’s diet is not just a Crohn’s diet, but a eating plan that will relieve many symptoms of almost any digestive problem from- Gastritis, Diverticulitis, Heartburn, Ulcers, Colitis, and much more

Enter a young lady that is a medical researcher and former ( like myself ) digestive pain sufferer Sherry Brescia, who has helped thousands get relief from the digestive pain merry-go-round. Is it possible to have
* NO cramping pains?
* NO bloated tummy?
* NO excessive flatulence?
* NO Irritable bowel syndrome?
* NO Gerd?
* NO bowel irregularity?
* NO running to the restroom?
* NO horrific pain?

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Crohns Diet, Not Just About Crohns.

Crohns Diet From Crohns Help Now

I’ve been writing about crohns disease for a couple of years now, and the reason for that is, I once was a sufferer with crohns disease. I have been fortunate to not have had to suffer for years as some have, and I have been fortunate enough to not have to have surgery and have body parts removed, and still have no relief from the problem of crohns.

People ask me, is there really a crohns diet? My answer is, no! Looking on the internet you will see a slew of crohns diets
colitis diets, ulcerative diets. The reason for all these diets is the mis-conception of these maladies being diseases. They are not! Most of the so called diseases that we suffer are not diseases, but symptoms of a disease of what I call life and the disease of excess. What I mean by excess is our diets are excessive in acid and acid forming foods, like sugar.

Many times excess acid will cause many symptoms, and they are called diseases, but when the acid is neutralized the diseases symptoms go away. We’ll talk about the acid disease connection at another time.

Do the crohns diets work? If the diets don’t address the root cause I would tend to think not, because the inflammation of the colon no matter what it’s location in the colon is not the root problem, the root problem is the reason it’s
inflamed, The cause.
There are a couple things that can cause the inflammation. Bacteria can cause inflammation, fungi can cause
inflammation, and also the mixing of foods together. Acid forming foods, and alkaline forming foods. Some foods need an alkali or enzyme for digestion, and some foods require acid for digestion. What happens when you mix an enzyme required food with an acid required food? they are both neutralized, and you get food that sits there putrefying in your system, that introduces all manner of pathogens into your colon, bloodstream, and organs.

The Crohns Scenario

We’ve all heard the saying that “Death Begins In The Colon”, that can very well be true looking at the scenario here.
We eat foods that have bacteria and other pathogens in and on them which the stomach acid is designed to kill, but the
stomach acid has been neutralized, so you have contaminated food in you digestive system. Now your immune system needs to come into play, but it has been compromised, by all the antibiotics we have taken, and eaten and it is also weakened by the ton of sugar in our processed food and drink.

A note here, 70% of all antibiotics manufactured are given to the animals we consume to fatten them up for sale. Also a weakened immune system can give rise to an overgrowth of yeast which in turn causes inflammation, and an overgrowth can cause a systemic ( body wide ) yeast infection.

Many Crohns Diets

So, does the majority of crohns diets address these root problems? Are the problems caused by the above scenario just causing inflammation of the colon? No! There’s only one diet I know of, and I will give you a link to it.
There also is another diet that will basically do the job, but it is geared mostly towards candida albicans.

The above scenario is more than common in our culture, The undigested food with the bacteria, and germs on and in the foods, along with the mixing of acid, and alkaline foods, cause many of the problems that we mostly call autoimmune diseases, like
•Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
•Pernicious anemia-
•Addison’s disease
•Type II diabetes
•Rheumatoid arthritis
•Systemic lupus erythematosus
•Sjogren syndrome
•Lupus erythematosus
•Multiple sclerosis
•Myasthenia gravis
•Reactive arthritis
•Heart Disease
•Grave’s disease
•Celiac disease – sprue
• Crohns disease
• Ulcerative Colitis
• Colitis

These, ( I will call them symptoms ) all respond well to dietary change and lifestyle change. What all theses have in common is inflammation, and that’s the disease ( metabolic X syndrome ).
So the crohns diet I recommend, will help by helping you to not neutralize the acid in the stomach for digestion that kills the pathogens that can and will do you harm, and that by itself will help keep the yeast under control, and not only that, this diet will help you to become pain free, possibly the first day

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The Crohns Yeast Connection

The crohns yeast connection

crohns disease. A remedy ?

Statistical research shows Candida Albicans ( yeast infection ), affects about 1/3 of the American population. A great number of physicians are unaware
that an overgrowth of yeast in the intestinal tract can show up as digestive problems, like crohns disease, ulcerative colitis. Yeast overgrowth can also show up as
diseases and or symptoms,  like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and has even been mistaken for Leukemia. ( reference: “The Fungus Link” )
Yeast lives in the intestines in small amounts,  along with our intestinal flora ( the good bacteria ), and the yeast as well as other fungi and pathogens are destroyed
or kept in check, by this intestinal flora. The intestinal flora and other substances make up part of the immune system in which 70-80% live in the intestinal tract.

An immune system impairment is very likely in our lifestyle, and in our culture. The immune system can be weakened by many things, certain antibiotics,
broad spectrum antibiotics have all but destroyed immune systems leaving the door open to many diseases that can, and do run rampant in the body that
has had it’s immune system suppressed. Sugar, which is a very large part of our diet, suppresses the immune system. In some circles sugar is called
slow suicide and the reason is one cup of sugar suppresses the immune system for 48 hours, and so much more that there is not enough room here to list
go to (  Sugars effect on the immune system ), and find out more.

A note here. It is my opinion that antibiotics have been the cause of countless deaths for the very reason they were used for, the destruction of bacteria.
when antibiotics are employed they do their job destroying bacteria, but not only do they destroy the bad bacteria, but they destroy the beneficial bacteria
as well, leaving the body defenseless against all manor of disease, including cancer. As you may know we all get cancer cells throught out our life time and our immune system if in normal condition destroy the cancer cells, but in a weakened state from antibiotic use or a lot of sugar consumption, the cancer cells have a chance to thrive. One in two men and one in three women will get some form of cancer in their lifetime. These statistics based on predictions by the
Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results ( SEER ) program of the ( NCI ), National Cancer Institute.

Antibiotics and sugar are by no means the only culprits in causing cancer, the environment and other pollutions are equally, if not more at fault, but the latter two, antibiotics, and sugar we can fix immediately

What does this have to do with crohns disease

Nothing!, Just joking. This is something that is very simple, and I think it is well worth looking into. Crohns disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and many other autoimmune
diseases have responded to… guess what? Anti fungal meds and anti fungal diets. Yes an anti fungal diet can be the best thing you can do for yourself.
As stated above yeast can cause a myriad of symptoms including crohns, uc, and ibd or ibs, and they all have inflammation in  common, so where ever your inflammation your doctor give you the crohns disease or uc determination, but it is one in the same inflammation. Proof? I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, and a few months down the road it was then crohns, and after that it was just called colitis. Medications gave me more problems than they solved, going under the knife was out of the question for me, so all that was left was lifestyle change including my diet, which in my opinion saved my life.

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